1-test injectables from research kits?

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  1. No not BA, look at my first post!

  2. I just sent an emial asking then to clarify the the debate of whether their product is burn free or not. They simply responded "Burn Free...".

    And if I do the math corrrectly - it is only 5 days worth for $50. Seems kinda pricy.

    Anyone try it yet?


  3. i hate to say it but someone over on "the other board" might have tried it

  4. What was the result Bean?

  5. obvioisly u would need a buffer like say vit e? its the molecule itself right?

  6. No, it is not an pH issue, 1-test is nonionic.

  7. I'll have the burn free soon. It will be in cyclo form. I will sell the raw powder in small amounts and I'll have it bottled as well. You guys can obviously figure out what to do from there. If this other product claims to have 1-test in it and it is burn free, it would be my guess that it isn't 1-test. I know a few that have tried it and needless to say, it took one person 3 weeks to recover. I'm about 14 days from having the raws. I'll make a post about it then.

  8. How small? Talk to ya...

  9. To be honest, I haven't thought about it.

  10. 10g ish or something... Talk to ya

  11. How much /g mike???? Talk to ya...

  12. "I'll have it bottled as well"

    Does that mean in liquid form?


  13. Originally posted by HUGE
    "I'll have it bottled as well"

    Does that mean in liquid form?

    I'm sure that's what he means. In other words, not recommended for injections, but bottled in such a form that you could.

  14. So it will obviously be labeled as to what it really is then? Or will it be labeled burn free 1-test only?

  15. Email me dazed

  16. ???? What do you mean dazed??? Is there a catch to all this that ALL of us should know.. Talk to ya...

    So Is what you are saying its not really a cyclo product??? Talk to ya

  17. My guess is that it has some other modification to it than just being a cyclo. In some conversations with people, they didn't belive a 1-test cyclo alone would not remove the burn but I suppose there is only one way to find out.

  18. My guess is that it has some other modification to it than just being a cyclo



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