DMSO get spoiled?

  1. DMSO get spoiled?

    ok guys i tried DMSO many times, i usualy buy 99% pure DMSO. but i recently i decided to buy DMSO from lemlange

    well it smelled ok, and looked ok. i used 10ml for my hombrew, i closed the bottle andput it in my closet. one week later i opened the bottle and it smelled like ****. i applied some on my skin, and it burned like hell. my skin got red, and i got skin burn like spot!!!

    i have another bottle that i didnt use. i open it recently, and it smells and burns?!

    dose any one if DMSo get spoiled?!

  2. It sounds like it's breaking down and you're smelling the sulfur in it. I've tried the DMSO from CEM and it didn't have the notorious sulfur smell but it did burn if applied to the skin. I believe that the DMSO from lemelange is also USP grade but since it's repackaged it can no longer be claimed USP grade. From what I've read USP grade does not contain malodorous by products that give DMSO it bad smell. The USP grade DMSO gave me bad breath still so I'm assuming that's due to the sulfur breakdown in the system. Since yours didn't smell initially I'm assuming the same has happened. What kind of conditions was it stored in, hot or humid closet?

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