?'s on Making Test Suspension From Tabs

  1. ?'s on Making Test Suspension From Tabs

    I have a question.

    I was going thru my things and I found 786 (yes I counted them)"Hong Kong" test suspension sublinguals I forgot I had. I have BA(benzyl alcohol), BB(benzyl benzoate), saflower oil(vitamine e enriched), and 0.45 filters from getpinz. Is there anyway for me to make test suspension in oil with these sublingual chinese tabs? I would rather inject them than take them sublingually if possible. I just want to know if I have another oprion to sublingual intake.

    I was thinking of disolving them in the BA overnight, as this would let any binders or glue or any other crap stick to the bottom. I just don't trust that chineses crap anymore. I would then remove (with a syringe) the BA with the suspension in it and not the junk. Then mixing in the BB and the oil, heating and filtering. I was thinking of going with 5% BB and 15% BA and the remaining 80%, saflower oil for a 100mg/ml solution. I am just not sure if it can be done or if it is worth it. I do not know if the suspension can be disolved in BA or if I should. I also don't know if I will lose the test. I believe this is how animals kits do it but I am not sure. I am asking a few bros who have knowledge in this area. Any help is appreciated.

  2. mate what city are you in

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