Brewing 4AD SUCKS!

  1. Angry Brewing 4AD SUCKS!

    ok, I have 8oz of penetrate and I put 15 grams of 4AD in it, I read alot of articles that said this amount is ok. Im telling ya this **** does not want to disolve. heat it, shake it, heat it shake etc etc, it still wont disolve all the way. I put 2 marbles in with it shook the **** out after heating it still the same. How long does this process take, is another way to fix this?

  2. did u heat the penetrate before hand? do u have a glass container u can put the solution in and sit into a bowl of heated water?

  3. I dont know what "penetrate" is, but I am assuming it is some type of commercial transdermal solvent. The problem is that the solubility is not only a function of the solutes themselves but the solvent. I have played around with virtually every ratio of solvents know to man to try to improve the solubility of a 6-oxo pct transdermal. 6-oxo is an absolutely lousy solute to try to get into solution. About the only thing that works to improve solubility is PEG-400.

    Try adding about 63 mL's of PEG-400 to the "Penetrate." That would bring your ratio of solutes to solvents to 50-mg's/mL. The PEG-400 shouldn't screw up effectiveness of the carrier too badly and should help the solubility. I have had no problems at all getting 4-AD into solution at 50-mg’s/mL.

  4. I bet you put all 15 grams in at one time...didn't you. If so, it's going to be a long process, IF it all disolves. You may need another bottle of Penetrate to mix in.

  5. Yep, you're not the first one to have problems. Go down to NutraPlanets section and there are some posts there where people have had similar issues. There are also some excellent tips from those who have successfully dissolved a lot of 4ad in there. There may even be a few recovery tips in those posts, so it may be worth checking out for you.


  6. Yeah go read my post. It really is not that hard. Very simple if you do it several grams at a time.

    How to Mix 4/ad & Penetrate

    Maybe I need to start doing custom mixes for people??


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