Trans GURU's: what is the Absorption rate

  1. Trans GURU's: what is the Absorption rate

    of trandermals??

  2. Quote Originally Posted by drveejay11
    of trandermals??

    Ya I want to know too.

    #1. Percentage of hormone delivered.?

    #2. Is the percentage higher than that of orals protected by the 17aa compound?

    Any abstracts out there?

    Thanx bro's


  3. Quote Originally Posted by drveejay11
    of trandermals??
    Anywhere from 30-40% or possibly even a little higher. BDC's older lotions/formular used to use DMSO to put it at the estimated 40% mark. Newer formulars by popular manufacturers boast even higher absorption rates.

    Quite a bit depends upon the discipline of the user to shave contact areas, bathe/clean before application and have a 12 or so hours between applications for optimal absorption.

  4. I would say maximum 30% with DMSO and/or DMFA.

    Anything above that number is PURE speculation and probably not possible without adding more harsher type penetrating enhancers (DMSO, DMFA)
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  5. Ask this guy what his absorption rate was. My skin is burning just thinking about it.

  6. 70% DMSO isn't that bad. Some people use 100% DMSO transdermals and yea you will prolly get some rashes but if you rotate every application you minimize the risk. You prolly can't apply 100% DMSO for very long before you eventually get rashes.

    I recall a guy from the old GotFina board doing a transdermal fina using 100% DMSO and was able to run it for about 4 weeks before quitting due to rashes. He claimed that he made some nice gains too.


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