I've been taking androgel 2x a week (Monday and Friday) to take the edge off a touch of low T. Not clinically low, but it was down in the 400s-500s, and I'm 33. Even at this low pulse-bump, it did wonders for my mood, outlook, etc. I've been careful not to exceed that dose schedule, and actually brought it down from EOD a few months ago.

The doses are the 5-gram individual packs, not the pump.

Of course, with my test levels, no doc was involved. Am getting them off a friend who only likes taking 2/3 of his dose, otherwise he gets bad back-acne. But, it is free.

Anyway, I've heard that using clomid, as if I were doing a PCT, might help kick start my endogenous production, and I'd like to give that a try - would prefer to minimize the wife's exposure to T after all (and we're thinking about kids).

So, I'd like to get a new baseline T and E measurement. How long after discontinuing the androgel should I wait to get a blood test, to be sure that the androgel isn't skewing the test? I was thinking a week or two, but is that excessive? I want to ensure that my onboard production is back to steady state, before getting a blood test, so I can see what the clomid does over time.

I know this isn't really a bodybuilding question, but I figured this would be the place with the knowledge. FWIW, I do lift, and have been hitting PRs for the last few months (not due to the Androgel, I know, way too low a dose).

Also, other than the androgel, I have no history of PH or AAS, if that matters.

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