Some scientific info on transdermal delivery

  1. Some scientific info on transdermal delivery

    I was looking for articles on transdermal absorbtion in relation to ultrasound. I came across this PDF file posted on the net, which gives some interesting findings.
    It's a few years old (1997) but there's a lot of interesting reading in there, along with a few pictures!
    transdermal delivery

    Here's an interesting one on the effects of heat on transdermal efficiency.
    heat effects on transdermal delivery

    This one is a research project on low-frequency ultrasound enhanced transdermal delivery - very interesting indeed - the possibility of home-made equipment may be possible.
    ultrasound research

  2. We explored those options on another thread (actually a different forum, too) but the concensus was that the sonic penetration enhancement would not prove practical given the home environment.  I do, however, agree with the thermal method as it is both reasonbly priced technology and effective.  This can simply be an infant bottle warmer ($10 at Walmart) with the transdermal, gel, or lotion in there to illicit the same effects...convenience to boot.  Best if applied after a shower...


  3. I guess I got a bit carried away

    Apart from my background in physical therapy (which means I have an ultrasound machine) I also have a good background in electronic engineering/servicing, and just thought 'well, a simple 20-50KHz Ultrasound generator would be easy to throw together - an oscillator, transducer, amp and coupler would be no problem.......'
    In my haste, I overlooked the fact that this would not be within the grasp of most people!

    Of course, you realise now that I've got to look into this a bit further (me and my big ideas) to see if it would be easy to do - perhaps create a small handheld unit, post the schematics, so that those who have the skills, or friends with skills could whip one up.
    I'll learn to keep my mouth shut one day

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