how long is 11-oxo good for?

  1. how long is 11-oxo good for?

    Hey guys, first post as I usually lurk here and post on bb .com. Yesterday I won 10g bulk adrenosterone with 8oz carrier online but am not ready to use any form of ph's yet(even though I really want to), I'm only 21 in feb and some natty mass to gain first. I'm 5'8 132 lbs and unsure about bodyfat but still lean as I had my first bb comp aug 13th and have been bulking slowly since. One day I plan to use epi as my first ph cycle and possibly this 11-oxo as a 2nd cycle to lean out when needed, so its going to be quite a while until it gets used. As the title says, how long is it good for? Thanks

  2. Anyone?

  3. Keep it cool, dry, and sealed. Should be good for a couple years at least

  4. thanks, didn't realize it would be good that long.

  5. yea buddy. if its kept sealed and n a dark cool place like your closet, it shuld be good for at least 5 years since it was pressed



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