I need math help...

  1. I need math help...

    It has been too long since I last did any math and I am having a lot of trouble trying to figure out accurate dosages of my ph's. I have 2 8oz bottles of CNW's Customizing Gel, into which I have added 8g of 4ad and 4g 1-test in each bottle (standard 2:1). I am aiming to get in the range of 400-600 mg/day of 4ad and at least 200mg/day of 1-test. I have an oral syringe that I plan to use so as to get the most accurate dosages possible. If anyone could help me with a little math I would be very appreciative!! Thanks guys!!

  2. You'll need 12ml a day, you'll get 200ml of 1-t and 400 mg of 4-ad.

    (I'm drunk now so don't listen to me much)

  3. Thanks Dimitry! So is this the final consensus? Does anyone else come up with a different answer? Thanks for the help, guys!

  4. Use this, customize it to your transdermal needs...

    But yes you will need 12 to 18ml per day (400 - 600mgs)
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  5. There is 29.6ml in a fl oz, which means you have 33.78 mgs of 4ad per ml and 16.9mgs of 1T, 400-600mgs of 4ad a day would be 11.8 - 17ml and 200mgs of 1T would be 11.8ml.

    Dosing is easier to achieve if you calculate this before, not after adding powder.

  6. Thanks for the help guys!! I have some DMSO so if I add in 0.8oz to each bottle how much more will I need to compensate for since I am diluting it a bit?

  7. Really I don't see a need to add more DMSO, but if you do...
    0.8oz = 23.6588ml + 236.588ml(8oz bottle) = 260.2468ml(total volume)
    4000/260.2468 = 15.37mg/ml 1-Test
    8000/260.2468 = 30.74mg/ml 4-ad

    That makes your dosing about 19.5ml per day


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