transdermal chaser

  1. transdermal chaser

    I read awhile back and now I can't find it ( I think it was another site) about someone using a transdermal ph, letting it dry maybe 5 minutes, then applying the gel only (no ph) over top of the initial application. The whole idea was to transfer a higher % of the ph in. In theory, you should get maybe 30% on the initial application and an additional 20% from the second (30% of the 70% that didn't make it in on the initial application).

    Has anyone tried this? If so, do you think it worked? Does this sound practical?

  2. That was an idea PC1 had in the original 'Recipe...' thread. It seems like it would work. I dont know about another 20% absorption, but it should help get a little more through the skin.


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