need a little help

  1. need a little help

    ok heres the sit..i got 3 1/2 bottles of one beta..wanted to tweak them with some added dmso and 4-ad..wondering
    how would this compare to bdc's formula..please be gentle im new to homebrewing this site and i strayed fromtrans because i have to shave

  2. One with DMSO would be the equal to BDC recipe, if not a touch better in my opinion. Use about 5% DMSO in your brew.

  3. thanx for the reply..but what im having a hard time with the dosing..and why t-1 seems to last 4 weeks and my one beta tweaked to say a super one + would only last 2 weeks..think im just dense and missing something here

  4. I am not sure of the dosage of the beta One, so I couldnt answer you. I know for me, the T-1 would probably last about 15 days at the MAX most likely 12, just because of the dosages I prefer when doing PH. My 4-AD cycle I did 1200 mg of 4-AD per day in the new transdermal formula, and really loved the feeling, and the results.

    How much 1-test is in One beta?

  5. There is 3 g of 1-test in the beta one... You could put about 4g of 4-ad and it would be fine. i would go as high as 10% DMSo, that is what allot of guys put into their one one+ or super one+ with good results and we have 10% in our homebrew.... Hope that helps.. Talk to ya
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  6. 6 grams in the origanl one beta..crt u got the new version and old mixed up

  7. One beta contains 6g 1-test in 240ml. So, 25 mg/ml and 1.5 squirts per ml. Dosage example: 6 squirts 2x per day (for a total of 12 squirts per day) yields 200 mg 1-test per day.


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