High dose Forma?

  1. High dose Forma?

    What would happen if you double dosed Forma Stanzol for an extended amount of time?

  2. This is a "quote" from the creator of Forma Stanza

    If used at higher doses, conversion to the steroid 4-hydroxytestosterone takes place, which is actually less androgenic than formestane and slightly more anabolic.
    If used on cycle it can reduce water retention caused by aromatisation to estrogen, so helping you stay looking lean, and improving your post cycle therapy as recovery will be easier.

    I would expect you to need some joint repair as well since estrogen would be low.

  3. Thanks for the reply.
    So should I use a higher dose durring pct or just the usual? I have been using it on cycle at 10pumps twice a day. I start pct on Monday.

  4. I think 10 pumps is fine.

    I use 5 pumps in the am 5 in the pm. For PCT I think this is a good dosage. Unless someone else wants to chime in here...

    I think he ment for using it on cycle you could use a higher dose. But I'm sure 10 am and 10pm wouldn't hurt you.

    I've never heard of someone going higher than that, so I wouldn't know its effects.

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