First time transdermal brew

  1. First time transdermal brew

    Hi guys I'm not new to home brew at all bit these transdermals have got me itching to give it a go.
    I can't seem to find a solid recipe for test base.
    Some say use DMSO
    Some say phlogel
    Then there's all the other additives along with them?

    My plan was as follows:

    Chop 5g base powder so it's ultra fine

    Use 1.5 ml benzyl alcohol to turn from powder to liquid

    Slowly add phlogel and thoroughly mix and add more until I get 50ml of test base at 100mg ml

    I was going to use the ziplock bag approach to mixing benzyl alcohol test base and then slowly adding the gel,

    I'm sure this will work

    Any constructive criticism is welcome guys.

    Thanks in advance

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  3. Cheers bro what do you think to the method to my transdermal home brew is it any good or are there other mediums I need to add, involve or research?

  4. Thanks bro that's a neat trick

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