PH for those sensitive to hair loss

  1. PH for those sensitive to hair loss

    Can anyone recommend a good PH stack for mass and strength? I have experienced a tingling / burning sensation around my hair line from trenazone, and a stack called incredible bulk. Superdrol did not produce this, so I am looking for recommendations on what to run along side it or anything else that will help a hard gainer add size and strength. (assuming the burning scalp is hair loss)

  2. I Dont know.. but subbed for this answer.
    Here is my log

  3. Run transdermal Formeron concurrent to your cycle.
    Its a suicidal ai
    A ph to hydroxytestosterone
    A 5-ar inhibitor....this is how it helps your hairline on cycle as this prevents conversion to dht.
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  4. Awesome. Thanks. I'll give it a try.

  5. Didn't work. 3 days into my tren cycle my hairline is burning badly, despite using the formeron.

  6. Maybe try not using trenazone.
    or anything that says tren in it or converts to tren considering how androgenic it is.
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  7. You could run formeron solo at a high dose and not have any androgenic sides. If you plan on continuing to use androgenic drugs youll probably need finasteride.
    I think, considering how sensitive you are, youll want to avoid androgenic drugs or possibly just deal with baldness. If your this sensitive its likely in the cards for you it or not.
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