How much 7-Keto in T-gel?

  1. How much 7-Keto in T-gel?

    How much 7-keto powder can I get in a bottle of T-gel?


  2. I've done 7 grams without much hassle

  3. Really? I was going to try 10 since that is how much 4-AD can go in one.

  4. I'm 90 plus percent sure you can get 10 grams in,maybe even 12, if you preheat it well before adding the powder , and use a marble/ball bearing in the bottle to shake mix it
    I've gotten 10 of both 1T and 6-oxo, seperately, fully dissolved this way. Just get the Gel really piping hot before adding the powder and shake that sukker as if you had Osama Bin Laden by his scrawny neck.



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