DMSO application and latex

  1. DMSO application and latex

    I just finished week one of my tren/TNE + DMSO cycle, and so far the sides have been minimal: minor irritation and some skin peeling, nothing too bad since I rotate application sites each time..

    But my freaking hands are ALL tore up. Wrinkled, dry, cracked. I don't think I can use them anymore to rub the solution in. I was thinking about using latex/surgical gloves for the job but didn't know if that was a good idea with the DMSO.




  2. I don't think you would have a problem using the gloves, unless you have an allegy to latex then just putting them on would be bad. Also, so of the other ideas that have been used are rubber spatula, like the kitchen ones; plactic spoon; and something else that just fled my mind at warp speed

  3. If you have a problem with latex you can get the alternative for people with allergies. Its common in condoms.

  4. The latex gloves work well. I just finished my cycle where I used them at the end due to the destruction of my forearms. If you want more than one use from the gloves, wash them, the DMSO will actually melt them.

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