make my own transdermal test base

  1. Question make my own transdermal test base

    Has anyone made their own transdermal test base before?
    I was thinking of stacking topical dhea cream 60mg daily with topical pregnenolone cream 30 mg daily as a transdermal test base
    Anything else I should add in?
    Also not sure what kind of dhea is in the common topical dhea creams. Is it 1-dhea? 4-dhea? I read that 4-dhea might be the better choice but I can't find any transdermal 4-dhea.
    I already have my favorite ai's on hand.

  2. Primordial performance has a 4-dhea Transdermal in the works.

    Orbit nutrition sells dermacrine, which is topical dhea (normal) and pregnenolone, and a few other things.

    It's very hard to find anything other than regular dhea powder on the net, unless you want to do a bulk china order.

  3. Ageforce has the dhea/preg patches that are working great for me.

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