Ultradrol vs Trenazone Test E Kickstart

  1. Ultradrol vs Trenazone Test E Kickstart

    10 week test e cycle (500/week)
    w/ trenazone kickstart @1.5ml/day for first 5 weeks


    10 week test e cycle (500/week)
    w/ Ultradrol kickstart @8mg/day weeks 1-3, @12mg/day weeks 4-5

    If kickstarting your own, which would you choose and why?

  2. Hey , Im just getting into trenazone, looking to order it real soon as soon as i get all my research and understanding down. I have a diet in order, and workout ready for this stack of androl and trenazone. My question is

    when do i take the PCT's
    which one is the most cost effective, and easily obtained.
    what kinds are there that are easily obtained ive been having trouble finding them.

    also do yall trust the trenazone site that sells it ? i dont know it looks sketchy, im just getting into this form of supplementation, and i have been doing my research i just really need some help setting off the right way and not with boobs haha

    i just havent been able to find alot of useful info on starting it, and maintaining it i really need some useful help if you can

  3. ive used trenazone and loved it ive also used ultra and it was on i ran 12mg right from the start and hardly felt it maybee 16mg for the first 4 weeks would be a good kicker. trenazone gave me great gains while seriosly stripping fat though the gains were hard to maintain in pct, idk what site u are getting the trenazone from but were not allowed to discuss that here. when i used it the only sides i had were night sweats, minimal acne, and a little bit of decca dick but nothing i couldnt overcome with will power lol probably from prolactin. as for pct i would use clomid that u can find from anyreasearch company site usually in liquid and run it 100/50/50/50mg everyday start this the day after your last dose of trenazone. also i like to use the erase and formula-x stack(daa) run the erase at 0/3/3/2/2/1cap and the daa at 3g/3g/3g/3g both starting the daa right after the last dose of tz and waiting a week to start the erase. hope that helps

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