T-Gel Fallout

  1. T-Gel Fallout

    I have a really strange problem. I got a bottle of TGel w/ 7.5 grams of 4AD in it from the Swap Meet. When it arrived, it appeared to have crashed? I've never had this probelm; I have purchased 10 bottles of TGel in the past, dumped all kinds of powders in, heated, etc., and nothing like this has happened before.

    It was shipped from Flordia, so my first thought was perhaps extreme heat. My other thought was maybe the seller added additional solvent b/c initially the 4AD was gritty in the cream, and this caused it to crash. The seller, btw, is super cool and highly recommended--he was getting out of PHs; in no way do I fault him for this, just trying to see what I can salvage.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Well like you said before you just heat it up to add more into the solution, I would try the same thing if you haven't already.

  3. Get a few metal marbles (ball bearings or similiar) and use them when shaking. This extra agitation makes dissolving PH's about 20X easier...

    When done mixing simply use a magnet and draw the bearings up the side and out the top (that's why metal bearings are preferred). However, you can use regular marbles the same way but getting them out is a bit trickier.


  4. Ah, the master has spoken.

  5. Thanks guys--the problem isn't dissolving PHs, though. I've already used the ball trick in the past--it works great.

    The problem is this TGel has separated--a clear liquid on top, a white "lotion-like" layer on bottom, and shaking, etc. doesn't seem to fix it (which is why I think the person I bought it from added solvent and screwed it up).

    Thanks for your replies...any other ideas?

  6. Okay....weird. I just checked on the bottle after posting, and shook the hell out of it, and low and behold it went back into solution?! Must have been sitting in a hot UPS truck for days, and needed some cooling off time.

    Thanks for your help, again.

    And Chemo--do you plan to continue to make TGels post-ban?

    Of course, I would only be using it for its scent and skin softening attributes!


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