I've started applying transdermal Testosterone daily at 50mg per day. (That might be bumped up to 100mg per day after my labs come back in.) This is cream from a compound pharmacy. I know this dose will not get me to supra-physiologic levels, but it will bump my T up somewhat.

My question is: Should I just apply the standard amount every day or would it be better if I timed it to my workouts? If I timed it to my workouts, would I apply it the morning of my workout day (I workout in the evening) or at night after my workout or the evening following my workout or ...? When would a bump up in available T best help with muscle building (and fat burning) due to working out?

For example, I could skip applying the cream on Sunday and do a double dose after my Monday evening workout (if that is the best time to bump up T).

(Note, I fast 42 hours before my twice-weekly workouts. I don't know if that changes any recommendations you have above.)