What do you guys thing is best to stack with trenazone?

  1. What do you guys thing is best to stack with trenazone?

    Ive never really stacked prohormones,and I was wondering what would be a good bulking ph to stack with this?Would it be good to run formastanz or another strong AI if something like SD or Ultra was stacked? Im thinking the trenazone at 2ml a day standalone for a start,havent figured out what to go with it though.

  2. I've never stacked either. Finishing up a cycle of TZ and epi. Started TZ low first two weeks than threw the epi in two weeks later. Got as high as 2ml on TZ. I was cutting and I like what I'm seeing. If I was a lil more experienced I would go w/ Hdrol instead of epi. Protomax might even be good at 75-100mgs.

  3. if ur trying to bulk i would do sd instead of epi or halo. i just finished an ultradrol cycle and would say its pretty weak. ive used tz and loved it. if i was in ur situation i would run tz at 2ml a day for 6 weeks and throw in the sd for the last 4 weeks at 20 to 30mg a day. actually sounds like an awsome cycle

  4. hmmm,its a thought,thanks for the input,yeah that does sound like a great cycle though.

  5. i'd stack something like furza or androhard with trenazone. But I do agree that there are better options for a bulk.
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  6. Yeah but I really like trenazone,it has the least sides of any otc ph I have tried.I dont want an all out like 20 pound bulk,Id like to get 10 pounds and hold it,mostly in my shoulder and chest area.


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