LG 4-AD clumpy

  1. LG 4-AD clumpy

    So i have a bottle of LG 4AD td, only problem is it's kinda clumpy. When applying it there are little dried glue looking stuff that flakes off after it dries on the skin. I tried heating it and used a whisk to blend it back together but it's still a bit clumpy. Any ideas on how to get this back to it's regular consistency? I can use it as is but I don't want to waste any of the 4AD in it. Thanks!
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  2. how old is it?
    Olympus labs super pct, don't cycle without it. It's the best IMO. Get some an you'll be glad you did Olympus labs rep

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b
    how old is it?
    Not sure...there's no expiration on it. I bought it second hand awhile back.

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    it could be just some impurity in the product. or it could be the 4-ad. i have a problem with these transdermals. some of these products are trying to carry a large amount of hormone through the skin. this isn't easy. if u look at the prescription products available, u can see that they contain very little hormone versus the carrier. i remember the pre ban 4-ad. it had alot of 4ad per spray. i dont believe u can carry 200 0r 400mg of a hormone through the skin without enough transdermal carrier to carry it through. you would prob have to cover ur whole body with it to get that much into the bloodstream. i would spray it on and as soon as it dried u can see the powder on ur skin. this is wastefull. i'm just sayin.
    but to answer ur question, u might add a little dmso or isopropanol to get it back into solution.
    Thanks. It's actually a lotion type transdermal.

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