3 PH's in one solution?

  1. 3 PH's in one solution?

    Why do people generally not put more than two different ph's in a transdermal solution? Is it because you can't get an adequate (or desirable) amount of each individual ph for it to be an effective dose of either without saturating the gel?

    I was thinking of trying a 6g 19nor, 3g 1-test, and 3g 4-AD solution in Chemo's TGel. I feel like the 6g of nor would be pretty effective in itself and the 3g of 4-AD would hopefully be enough to combat lethargy/impotence...but would the 3g of 1-test be a waste for the (possible little) gains it may provide? That's my main concern, though the 1-test converted to by the 4-AD might provide a good amount total. If I didn't try this, I'd probably just go with 8g of nor and 4g of 4-AD.

  2. This would be a poor combo. The nordiol and 4ad would compete for the same receptor, so if you wanted to run nordiol, I recommend you pick up some Norderm and run 1,4andro along with it. If you want to run 1-test and 4ad, that is a tried and true combo. The general rule of thumb is if you're bulking you want more 4ad than 1-test, and if you want leaner gains you want more 1-test than 4ad. The usual solution amount is 240ml with ~15g of PHs in it.

  3. I was under the impression that although nordiol and 4-AD are converted by the same enzyme, as curt2go put it, the process is so instant that you don't sacrifice any conversion.

    With that said, would such a small amount of 1-test and 4-AD be a waste?

  4. Maybe some other bros can give you some more replies. I've heard curt say that but I always thought otherwise. Lets see what some other ppl have to say.

  5. This seeems to be a somewhat gray area with 19nor and 4-ad in one stack (let alone 1-test in addition), but I'm not sure that you would get any additional benefit from the nor with all 3 in there. It would be interesting to try this with very controlled factors, limiting the variables as much as possible (diet, training, so on), although that is very hard to do in the real world.

    If done in the most controlled environment possible, I'd be interested to see what happens, but I'm betting it's just not worth the bother, but if you do it, let us know. Maybe 5g each for a total of 15? I'm not sure on this one.

  6. What I wanted to do was make a stack that wouldn't be TOO hard on the hairline but would have some androgenic properties. That's why I was thinking 6g of nor and 6g total of androgenic ph's. I'm trying to keep any hairloss to a minimum since I have very thin hair (not thinning or receding, just always have had very thin hair) and my mother's father has the ol' chrome dome going on. I may or may not lose hair, but I don't wanna take any chances really. By that, you can probably tell that I want the nordiol to be the main thing and have the 4-AD in there to combat lethargy.

    I may just try the 5x5x5 and get something to keep the hairloss down (spiro, nizoral, etc...any better than the others?). If I do, I'll definitely tell you how it goes. I'd be doing two 4 week cycles if I did.

  7. Not enough 1-test or 4-AD to do much of anything. If you are all paranoid over your hair..just do the nor by itself.

    If your going to run spiro, etc, then just run a 1-test and 4-AD stack. Putting too little of everything into a solution..will just waste your time and gains to be perfectly honest.

  8. Thanks wardog. That was one of my concerns (not enough of each). I wasn't sure if there would be a combined semi-synergistic effect of smaller dosages of each, or if they would basically give the sum of the little results that a small amount of each would give (which still wouldn't add up to much).

  9. As far as the doil's competing I can attest that is not a problem.. My brother is on the same satck as me and in just over 2 weeks he has gained about 15lbs.... I have not been so fortunate. I have only gained 6.. We are doing 500mg of nor and 4-ad /day... As far as adding the 1-test I think its an awsome idea. the only reason I did not do it was I wanted a rest from the burn.. hehhehee.... What i would go with if i were you is something like 5-5-5.. You will have to get 2 t-gel bottles and it will only last 20 days.. This will give you good amounts of each.. 250mg of each... I think i will do this one in the summer... Run it for 40 days... Just cause no one has done it does not mean its no good. If you don't do it first I guess i will.. Have fun. Talk to ya...
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  10. Are you basing your idea of the diols not competing on your feedback from using it or research?

  11. There is no reserch to go against it or for it. The enzyme that converts it does not disappear and the conversion is instantaneous so there is no competition.. Tahts all i'm basing it on.... Talk to ya..
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