Dissolve caffeine into transdermal?

  1. Dissolve caffeine into transdermal?

    Does anyone know what chemical(s) is needed to dissolve caffeine anhydrous? I mixed 3 grams 7oxo and 5 grams of caffeine anhydrous into 125 millileters of transdermal solution and the caffeine wont dissolve. I used the following recipe:

    40% isopropyl alcohol
    15% isopropyl myristate
    15% isopropyl palmitate
    10% oleic acid
    10% dmso
    10% propylene glycol

    Thanks for your help guys!


  2. Unbreakable
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    Are you sure it is the caffeine not disolving. Trans 7-OXO (FL7) is usually a bit grainy/cloudy. Caffeine is water soluable, no? Though, you could be pushing the saturation point.
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  3. Caffeine is hydrophilic, 7oxo lipophilic. I have no idea what carrier you should use though.

    Could you dissolve both in the same dermal?

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