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  1. S1+

    Is there anything that I can/should add to this product to make it a more effective cycle?

  2. DMSO or DMFA

  3. Quote Originally Posted by NPursuit
    DMSO or DMFA
    Why do you recommend those? I thought that they were for pain and soreness.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by 5111
    Why do you recommend those? I thought that they were for pain and soreness.
    They increase the absorption of the androgens.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by NPursuit
    They increase the absorption of the androgens.
    Do you know if any of the sponsors cary it or is it something that you can get in the store?

  6. Custom has DSMO. I have never seen a store cary it, we have some here @ our lab though.

  7. I picked up some at a local farmer's market, as it's primarily used for joint pain and soreness for horses.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  8. hm, and should one mix the DMSO directly with the s1+ or what? And how much DMSO?

  9. Add enough to make it 10%, just add it directly and shake. How much depends on how much s1+ you have.

  10. Okay, I will order some DMSO later today. I have some dumb newbie questions about using this.

    I searched and found different application methods and want to know which one is best. Some say to spray it in your hand and then wipe it on different parts each day. Others say spray directly on the surface. Does it even matter? Also, have many people devoloped irritations from applying it to the same spots every day?

    I have 3 bottles of s1+. How much DMSO should I order? (I don't remember how many ounces are in each bottle and cannot access that site from work.)

    Finally, is 5 squirts twice a day a pretty normal doseage? Would I need to increase it to 5.5 after adding the DMSO?

  11. in theory, if you apply directly on the skin there could be certain misting effect leading to some loss of product, I always spray in my cupped hand and apply it then to the skin. As 1-test is known to be somewhat skin-irritating it could be wise to alternate the application areas. you need something like 0.4 oz DMSO per bottle (according to the cry4tonic 10% tip) and yes, since you dilute your solution by 10% you should use 10% more of it afterwards to ensure the right dosage.
    P.S. In my opinion DMFA smells less disgusting - I'll give it a try..
  12. tattoopierced1
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    the best way to use it is to use an oral syringe so that you get accurate doses and then apply from the oral syringe to your skin.

  13. i find the best method is to put a ziplock bag over your hand and spray the liquid onto it, then massage it onto your skin.

  14. ziplock for sure. i just finished a cyc of this and the bags are the way to go.

  15. rubber gloves and syringes are so cheap...

  16. Okay, check out my idiot math and tell me if I am right.

    I am using Dermabolics' s1+.

    The bottle contains 4oz. (120mL)
    I added .4oz DMSO (12mL) Makes overall DMSO 11%
    New total/bottle 4.4oz (132mL)

    According to Dermabolics each bottle should contain 30 "servings". So if I now have 132mL (4.4oz) and I divide that by 30 servings it makes each serving 4.4mL (.1467oz). Right?

    I have a 3mL syringe with .1mL graduations to measure it out. Does this all sound correct?

  17. what did you chose for pct? at what doses?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Clintdogg
    what did you chose for pct? at what doses?
    I have Nolva and will probably use the 40/40/20/20 dosing.

    I'm thinking that I am going to do a 6 week cycle jumpstarting the cycle with M1T for the first two weeks as I wait for the s1+ to kick in. I may finish the last two weeks of the cycle with M1T as well.

  19. cool...good luck

  20. You'll dig the S1+. I'm on week 4, and last week I was up 10lbs. and waist measurement is almost exactly the same. I didn't even add any dmso.

    Anyway, I use rubber gloves applying to tops of feet, and calves in the evening, and inside of bi's/front shoulders and sides along the ribs. started off with 5 am/5pm...then went to 6 am/6 pm. No skin irritation or any other sides for that matter.

    I would do 6 am and pm if I had it to do again.

    It was my first ph cycle by the way.

    Have fun,

  21. Quote Originally Posted by rrgg
    I don't know how much you're doing 2z, but how is the hairloss for you on this?
    Luckily, I haven't noticed any shedding. I didn't think I was very prone to MPB, and I guess this
    shows I'm not. Shows up very little in my family.

    Added saw palmetto to combat any other nasty DHT sides. So far so good.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by rrgg
    Just for the record, what dose are you using?
    Did 5sprays am/pm 1st couple of weeks, then moved to 6 sprays am/ 6 pm.

  23. for you guys who use the oral syringes, wheres a good place to get them? just a local pharmacy?also how many mL would 5 spray's equal. ive heard 4mL's but not sure.
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  24. Ok....here goes the conversion thingy:
    There's 4oz in a bottle....4oz = 30 servings (1 svg = 5 sprays)

    and 4oz = 118.294 ml (google "metric conversion" and use a site calc)

    118.294ml divided by 30 servings = 3.943 ml or just 4 ml

    So 4ml = 5 sprays. (for increasing, each spray is about .78 ml )



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