Transdermal Tren A

  1. Transdermal Tren A

    Any body try it?

  2. People have been doing it for years... That was how the "smart" people used to take their fina pellets (some guys made them into injectable ace but it's risky given their medium and possible contamination). You'd have to do some more research as I haven't ever really looked into results, but I do know that it was decently popular.
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  3. Oooo the good ole memories

    Used to be the method of choice circa 8 years ago for those attempting to remain quasi-legal until the Vet pharmacies put 2 and 2 together. Seemed liked everyone was buying fina pellets online with ease or simply walking into a local vet store, grinding them up and adding to Ergopharms 4-AD spray. Simple and very effective.

    Thanks for rekindling some old GREAT memories for me
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