T-Gel Max Concentration

  1. T-Gel Max Concentration

    I am planning on odering the T-Gel w/ DMSO and was wondering what the max concentration level is. I have read that 12g of any PH in 240mL is the max. I wanted to use 10g of 4ad and 5g of test for a bulking cycle. Do you think this is too much. Also, this will be my first cycle so how many mg a day would be good for each.


  2. not at all. your plans for 10g 4ad and 5g 1-test is the makeup of the T-1. Of course, the less concentrated mg/mL, the better absorption you will get however 15grams of ph/androgen isnt going over board. you will get good bulk gains with the 10/5 4ad to 1-test. I and so have others here had good results from such mixes. Sage

  3. Thanks Sage! Is that T-1 or T-1 Pro? The Store site does not give you any information. Also, with that mix, how many pumps or mg a day?


  4. Its T1 what you will be making. As far as the pumps if you are getting th t-gel it is 2ml/pump.. Depending on what dosage you want will depend on how many pumps you will use.... Go get the calculator from the members section. It will help you out allot... Talk to ya..
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  5. Thanks for the info! The calc. is great. I decided to do a 30 day cycle with 5g of test and 10g of 4ad. Says I should use 4 squirts/day totaling 8mL. This computed to 333mg of 4ad and 166mg of test per day. Does that sound good.

    Sorry if I keep repeating myself. This will be my first cycle and I want to make sure I do it right.


  6. Sounds right. Talk to ya..
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  7. 10G of 4AD and 5G of 1-test isn't too much for 1 bottle of T-gel?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Kawi636
    10G of 4AD and 5G of 1-test isn't too much for 1 bottle of T-gel?
    Look at the date on this thread. T-Gel was made differently then. And to answer your question, 15 grams in one 4 oz. bottle would be too much. Unless there are some secrets someone would like to share.


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