question on trans formula

  1. question on trans formula

    ok i got i saw curt transdermal recipe and i wanna know if i
    could get
    100mg of 1-test
    200mg of nordiol
    200mg of 4adiol

    how would i go about getting this amount in a solution


  2. where is this so-called Curt "transdermal recipe"?

  3. All that per ml, or what? If its per chance.

    Use curt's recipe at 50 mg/ml.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by asap nutrition
    where is this so-called Curt "transdermal recipe"?

  5. for most powders try not to go over 100mg/ml or it will start to dissapate

    1 test might go in a little easier at a higher concentration. but nothing over 200mg/ml max.


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