My Androgel Situation

  1. My Androgel Situation

    New to the forum. I have been bodybuilding for about 10 years and sit at a lean 190lbs 6'0" I was recently prescribed Androgel 5g/day (350mg/week)due to fatigue, libido, ect..

    I was curious as to what some experiences were with the testosterone dose of 350mg/week range. I have read that some testosterone users inject 300-600mg/week for an effective strength and muscle gain and was curious as to what the 350mg transdermal range has done for some users. Are transdermals as ineffective as some say even though the weekly testosterone range is 350mg/week?

    My physician says that he can prescribe Androgel but he has to send me to a Urologist (sp) to get the injectable..I would prefer to do that at home if I can go that route. How has anyone else went about getting the testosterone delivery switched from transdermal to injectable use at home?

    Finally I am prone to hair loss which is another reason my research has led me to want injectable rather than transdermal due to dht conversion... Does it matter whether you use a transdermal application or an injectable to help preserve the hair you have?

    Sorry about so many questions, but a doctors time is limited and expensive with co-pays, time off work, ect.. so I thought I would just lay it all out there. Thank you for all you guys help in advance. Fell free to pm me as well.

  2. I'm new to the forum as well

    Been on Androgel for a short while, same prescription. My stats and experience are roughly similar to yours.

    Taking the absorption rate into account, I think what we're taking is equivalent to about 175mg/week at best (assuming 40-50% absorption rate). My GP suggested I go with the gel due to a lack of experience injecting, but said we could discuss it again in the future. He did not mention having to see a urologist.

    As for my experience with it, I feel great. This is certainly not a "bodybuilding" dose, but the benefit for me has been fairly dramatic. I wouldn't say I feel superhuman, but on an average day now, I feel similar to a great day then. I'm a pretty young guy - mid 20s - so getting my testosterone checked and whatnot was a touchy subject for me at first. But given how much better I feel for such a low cost, continuing use seems like a no-brainer.

    I don't MPB in my family except for my dad's "power alleys". If I lose my hair, I'll just buzz it short. Sorry I can't offer more on that part of the discussion.

    Hope it works well for you!

  3. Does anyone have experience with Gel, Patch, Injections?

    Since the patch goes over less skin does it have a chance to have a lower dht conversion rate?

    Does injectables have a lower conversion of dht since it does not pass throught the skin?

    I was just wondering im anyone has used testosterone through the skin and injected to see which one is easier on the hair?

  4. isn't estrogen an issue with the gel??

  5. I started directly on injectbile, refused to do transdermals.

  6. Yes it any raise in your testoserone will raise the conversion rate of 5a enzime causing hair loss..You will feel and look so good you wont have to worry about hair..just buz it short and you will forget about it. women dont care about hair much, they like good dudes that look good and are confident. Testoterone will give you this. I would try the androgel and then try injecting I think you will be more satisfied with injections; and no i have nerver injected befeore I am just guessing.

    Lastly, talk your doctor into giving you a higher dose than he thinks you need. for example..after you look at your next bloods tell him you still dont feel like you think you should and that you think you should have a little bit bigger dose..then you can play with it and not run out of perscription before the next one is due. ya dig?


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