Topical Estrogen Blocker

  1. Topical Estrogen Blocker

    Looking for data or feedback on Topical Estrogen Blockers such as Pro-BalanceĀ®;ingredients
    1.Passiflora Coerulea, also known as Chrysin. - inhibitor of aromatase. Passiflora Coerulea also has a direct effect on the neuro-receptors of the brain creating a calming effect.

    2. Di-indolylmethane. Otherwise known as DIM, this extract of Brassica vegetables enhances the liver's ability to metabolize estrogen. DIM has been shown to protect and improve prostate function, reduce conversion of testosterone to DHT, enhance insulin sensitivity and increase abdominal fat loss.

    3. Urtica Dioca, this special extract of this popular herb has been shown to increase bioavailable, (free) testosterone levels by freeing it from SHBG, (the testosterone-binding protein in the blood). In addition, it inhibits aromatase and protects the prostate by blocking the conversion of testosterone to DHT

    Anti-Estrogen SportsCreme - transdermal method. Each 2ml delivers a total of 400mg of the ingredients. Dosages are 2 to 4 pumps daily onto the skin

    How Effective? Waste of money? What's the BEST non-percription anti-estro that doesn't have negative effect on prostate health?


  2. Get 4OHT powder, 6-OXO powder, and/or Formestane powder and dump in T-Gel for an excellent non-script estro-blocker.

    Those other ingredients you listed are marginal at best for blocking estrogen. The supps. I listed have been proven to work in scientific studies.

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