transdermal question

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    transdermal question

    I'm in the second week of my 4 week cycle and have a few questions.
    The first week I used Legal Gear 4 AD+ transdermal.It has 6
    grams 4 AD,1 gram Methyl 4 AD and 3 grams Hydroxytestosterone
    in 240 Ml of carrier.I used 4ml twice a day.In the second week
    I 'm using the new homebrew formula with DMFA.Into it i've added
    10 Grams 19 nordiol and`5 grams 4 OH Test.I'm using 6 ml twice a day.
    My Libido is slipping alittle so i would like some 4 AD in the stack again.
    Since i have the transdermal saturated,or nearly so,would it be best to
    used the 4 AD orally or make up a new bottle of transdermal with the 4 AD
    in it?If so, how long after i apply one transdermal could i apply the second?
    Should i apply to a different area?The last week of my cycle i intend to use
    the Legal Gear transdermal again.

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    You could make a different bottle for the 4ad, you'll need it eventually anyway prob. if you have left overs. You can apply to two diff areas or just give it a good 5-6hr and back to the same area in my experience. You said the mix has 1g Methyl-4AD too?

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