dhea transdermal

  1. dhea transdermal

    what are the benefits of dhea transdermal to taking it orally?

    have 75g dhea and 2 PP transdermal carriers...

    if i transdermal it, is it a good test base?

  2. What do you mean by is it a good test base??

  3. Quote Originally Posted by RedwolfWV View Post
    What do you mean by is it a good test base??
    Staves off lethargy, keep libido up, maintains estrogen levels...

    Test is the only true test base, but DHEA can help, same with DHT.

    I'd suggest 60mg once or twice a day.

    Apply to tops of shoulders, triceps, nut sack for more DHT conversion.

    Apply to chest and stomach if you want more estrogen lol
    Sustain Alpha is back!

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