1 test 4-ad combo

  1. 1 test 4-ad combo

    If i have 5g of 1-test and 8g of 4-ad in a solution how many pumps, sprays, squirts, etc. should i do a day having never done this before.

  2. what kind of bottle is it in? you'll need to figure out how much one spray/squirt is equal to, 1ml, 1/2ml, etc... after that we can breakdown and see the mgs of hormones you're getting

  3. You have to test thepump or squirt bottle. Spray it into a shringe(plunger out) until you get to 10ml's.. Divide the # of pumps of sprays by 10 and you have pumps/sprays per ml... Then we can calculate the mg/ml with you.. Talk to ya..
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  4. It is a t-gel that i ordered from yall it is sposed to come in tomm. one more thing will this stuff really work? I see that alot of people say that it works but have you ever tried it curt. thx
  5. ????

    has curt ever tried it?....doesnt sound like you have been part of the forum for very long.



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