Question on Bases...

  1. Question on Bases...

    Will any Base work in a transdermal? ie. nandrolone, trenbolone etc.

  2. I would think so.

  3. Some better than others...depending on the molecular weights, and make sure no ester attatched

    I, ve seen that info around but cant seem to find it..

  4. ahh yer on MC also aren't you.. small world hehe

  5. Quote Originally Posted by propho
    ahh yer on MC also aren't you.. small world hehe
    yeppers...MC is a great board too...

  6. TEST BASE, BOLD BASE for sure

    Its hard to find much info on transdermal besides the same old 1-Test or 4AD stuff. When it comes to using A base powder in A transdermal, Test, Bold and of course Fina seem to be the most popular. Maybe its because they yield the best results when used this way or possibly because with the given absorbtion rate, these are the only powders that would be somewhat cost efficient (compared to other powders) Anyway, I am anxious to find out the answer to your question as well. If anyone knows where to find this info, as well as more info on AS base use in transdermal, please post it or pm me.

  7. nandrolone as well, it is smaller than bold and test


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