Opinions/observations on certain transdermals

  1. Opinions/observations on certain transdermals

    Without getting into a major digression, I prefer TDs where available--and provided that they are effective.

    I would appreciate any thoughts on the following TDs--particularly regarding efficacy (how well do they do what they claim) and side effects.

    Primordial Performance 1-T

    Legal Gear NO Infuse

    CEL Formestane


  2. I'm using CEL Formestane right now. At full dosing for a few days in a row all estro-related sides are gone.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  3. I started taking it 3-4 days ago when I noticed puffy nips from my Havoc/X-Tren cycle. Dosing it at 50mg every evening and application is on the chest. Puffy nips --> gone!
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