1-ad transdermal will this work

  1. 1-ad transdermal will this work

    i dont see anything about it here does 1-ad not work in transdermal

  2. 1-ad converts to 1-test. There are a lot of 1-test transdermals around. I think only reason people take 1-ad instead of 1-test orally is better availability . Also 1-ad is patented, making it expensive to produce.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by deadliftabc
    i dont see anything about it here does 1-ad not work in transdermal
    I am unaware of anyplace you can buy the powder necessary to make a 1-AD transdermal. This is most likely because Ergopharm, as previously metioned, has the patent on 1AD and doesn't see the profit in selling the powder due to their market being primarily first time PH users who are unaware of transdermal availability... amongst other things.


  4. i already have the 1-ad pills i was just thinking of putting them into dmso i want a steady hormone level i realize its a waste of money but my tren wont be here for a few days after that i wont waste the money on pro hormones i just wanted to know if the pill power would have good absortion compared to oral..this is the last time i will waste my money on prohormones/real deal or no deal

  5. oops no i am 31 no **** mix with oil i didnt know that i have been taking with big fattening meals i know that helps but i will try the oil.14 days i will run it until the bottle is gone i am running much less than i did last time i went overboard last time i hope its fine to run it with tren?besides libedo not worried about that now.THANKS



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