Transdermal PH for Shin Splints??

  1. Transdermal PH for Shin Splints??

    Im having trouble keeping the shin splints from flaring up from sprint work and mileage running. At this time I cant really afford to back off and let them catch up. heres an Excerpt on the thought behind them.

    The idea, is that the soleus muscle is pulling really hard on the backside of the tibia, thereby causing pain. This causes inflammation in the outer layer of the bone, called the periosteum. It is directly related to the repetitive pounding forces associated with running, etc. The soleus muscle has to flex and pull in response to the pounding and this aggravates the periosteum.

    It was explained to me that the soleus is getting stronger before the shin muscles can catch up.

    this all brings to question the use of transdermal PH's to help the shin catch up to the soleus. Adding to the question, do transdermals increase the levels of Horomone in the applied area?

  2. all the info i've read on transdermal & site injection suggest it does not.

    infact, shin splints for me get worse when im on cycle than off, and I'm sure there are others who would agree.

    I would look into new shoes. get your running stride tested to see if your foot is pronated.

    thats what I had to do. I cant even run 400m on cycle without my shins screamin in pain.

  3. Search for "Calf and Shin Brace With Compression Support" by alphabrace . com on Amazon. It's only $6.99 and it has pretty much alleviated my shin splints.

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