Gel for 7-keto-DHEA

  1. Gel for 7-keto-DHEA

    Firstly, congratulations on an excellent looking forum!!!

    Now I was wondering if anyone knows of a good mix for a gel for for 7-keto-DHEA? The avant labs one smells differently to what they use for Yohimbine. Any ideas????

  2. Avant's FL7 uses the same PH Gel as ONE, ONE+, 4-ADerm, etc. The goal is systematic delivery into the blood stream.

    OTOH, the Lipo Gel (deliverying Yohimbine in Lipoderm-Y) targets local delivery into adipose tissue.

    So, if you had a source of 7-Keto DHEA powder, you could add it to (either) BDC's T-Gel, Par's PH Gel, or any good homebrew recipe.

  3. Thanks ShadowJack!

    Perhaps then you can set me straight as I probably don't understand how 7-keto works. Reading Par's article on his website, I was under the impression it needs to go into the fatty tissue like Yohimbine. He speculates about 7-keto's ability to interrupt fat cell reproduction. Doesn't that imply it needs to go into the lipo layer as opposed to the blood stream?

    Again, thank you for your time.

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