Transdermal 4-AD question....

  1. Lightbulb Transdermal 4-AD question....

    Ok, I’m a little new to this, so bear with me.

    I’m trying to plan ahead with some PH ordering, and after a few S1+ cycles, I may be using the M1T that I already have on hand. So, in planning for the M1T cycle, I want to make a ‘storebrew’ 4-AD transdermal. I’ll probably just buy Dermabolic’s transport matrix then add bulk 4-Androstenediol to it. Since this is my first time, it makes it easier and I know how many sprays per container. More expensive, but I’m still learning so I’ll spend a few more bucks.

    Dermabolic’s matrix comes in a bottle with 5x30 squirts. How many grams do I need uo add to one bottle of matrix in order to receive the appropriate amount of 4-AD per 5 squirts? Also, what is the average transdermal doseage of 4-AD per day? I have heard 200-400mg on average, so if that’s correct, does that mean if I go with 300mg per dose, I’ll need 9 grams for 30 doses?
    Kinda confusing stuff!

  2. Well, first of all you can buy 4Derm w/ 6gr. of 4-AD already in it for $19.99, if you want more PH just buy powder & add it. Second, check out Custom's T4, that should be all you need, better absorption & cheaper than any other 4-AD product.

  3. I totally agree with fdnk. But, for reference:

    30 doses per bottle.

    200mg dose -> .2g (200mg) X 30 doses = 6g 4AD

    400mg dose -> .4g (400mg) X 30 doses = 12g 4AD


  4. 200mg dose -> .2g (200mg) X 30 doses = 6g 4AD

    400mg dose -> .4g (400mg) X 30 doses = 12g 4AD
    Very simple answer to my complex question, thanks!

    Yeah, fdnk, I was thinking of using this later, so I was going to just buy the 4-AD powder now and a matrix later. Spend my dough on the PH while I can. Matrix should be fine later. $20 for 4Derm aint too shabby though

  5. I have some 4 derm on hand. I just got an order of 4ad powder in. I am planning on adding about 5 grams to the 4 derm. what would the best way of adding it? Should i just get the liquid warm by putting the bottle in hot water, and then shaking the crap out of it?

  6. I added another 6 g to a bottle of 4 derm, plonk the bottole in hot water and add about 1-2g's of 4ad at a time, lid on and shake, repeat untill all powder is dissolved.
    DO NOT try to add all the powder at once, I did this the first time I tried and ended up with a real mess!!!

  7. So you have 12g 4AD in one transport matrix?

    I thought that even if you could achieve this, the oversaturation would decrease absorption. Is that not true?


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