Making a Transdermal Using 19-Nor Tren

  1. Making a Transdermal Using 19-Nor Tren

    I've been researching how to make a transdermal using 19-Nor Tren, but haven't found any confirmable dosage information. The only information I found says one dose is 400-600mg, but 1-T Tren uses around 60mg for 5 squirts. Does anyone have reliable dosage information?

  2. Hi I can't offer any advice. But I too am interested in making a transdermal 19-Nor Tren as I have some 19-Nor Tren kicking around that I want to put to good use. So as and when I learn anything, I will post it in this thread


  3. You need to confirm the actual recommended dose and the molecular weight.
    Transdermal is 40% absorption IF the molecular weight is below 300.
    Assuming mw below 300. ___mg x 0.4=___mg absorbed

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