1,4 andro trans & 1-Test

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  1. I actually am not going to stack it with anything, except Citrulline Mallate.

    Oh, and I capped the 1,4Diol.

    One thing-->the 1,4 Diol is about twice as "lofty" and half as dense as the 1,4Dione. It's hard to get a lot in capsules.

    The 1,4 Diol is a chalky, fluffy powder, and it sucks up moisture.

    1,4DIONE is sort of crystally, and looks totally different.

    I'm waiting to start this cycle until after I hear what goes down w/ the new Methyl Bulker beta testing.

  2. why did you decide to cap them and use a dermal enstead of mixing up an oral solution?

  3. I capped the 1,4 Diol b/c I am sick of swallowing nasty ****!

    I've actually gotten really fast w/ my cap-m-quik, too.

    The 1,4Dione is trans b/c I feel that a balanced delivery of one is a good thing.

    They also covert slightly differently, which should be beneifical.

    And I'll be taking 700-900 mgs. of the Diol orally, which is plenty. Add to that 300-600 transdermal 1,4DIONE, and that's a good mix, I believe.

  4. Is it possible to use a solvent on the 1,4ad-dione before mixing it into the t-gel? (I'm planning to try this in phlojel at the end of the year.)

  5. in an upcoming cycle i'm going to run 1,4 andro and dump it into an olive oil solution. can't tell you if that will taste any better then the peg since i've never tasted olive oil or peg.

  6. You've never tasted Olive Oil?!

  7. i'm pretty sure i haven't, but if i have i don't recall what it tasted like.

  8. It's used in cooking all of the time! It tastes really good...a somewhat nutty flavor.

  9. that is good to hear. i bet i have tasted it i just didn't know what it was. you may find my sippin' on my solution all day long if it has a hint of christmas flavour.


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