Bulk Transdermal Gel?

  1. Bulk Transdermal Gel?

    It seems that fewer and fewer people carry transdermal gels for sale, and most seem to be a version of penetrate.

    There used to be T-Gel on the market, as well as others (Dermabolics), and they could be purchased in bulk.

    Does anyone know if it's still possible to buy bulk transdermal carriers?

  2. Bulk not sure? We do offer a carrier, and I believe NTBM does as well. But I don't think you can get any carrier in bulk.


  3. Right...everyone has a version of Penetrate, but I want to buy like 12 bottles.

    There used to be more choice on the market, as well as bulk discounts when CNW was around.

    I'm looking for options!

  4. Look for bulk DMSO.

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