Using 11-OXO or PH in Transdermal

  1. Using 11-OXO or PH in Transdermal

    I don't know much about these product's, but I read that using 11-OXO this way will give better result's?

    I saw a product Phlojel Ultra, which had a 500ml size.. figured it would fit 40grams of bulk to run 1000mg per day for 4-5 week's... any thought's?

    Also, could you break cap's from say any PH product and add them to something like this? Would it aid in being more effective? Just curious, I don't actually do PH's.


  2. That's a HUGE amount of 11OXO. 100mg/day is more what is recommended for transdermal 11OXO, though I think you could take it to 300mg. A gram a day is beyond high-end dosing for oral, much less transdermal.

    I'm also not sure that you could absorb 1000mg/day through your skin, period. That's a lot of powder.

  3. b4 anyone breaks open ph caps for transdermal they should check the molecular weight. needs to be 500 or less. 300 or less is better tho. only certain things are better transdermal. a methylated ph is methylated an has more oral bioavailability than transdermal.

  4. 11OXO is available as bulk (as the OP notes), and it is not methylated. I think its MW is right around 300, and Pat Arnold, who brought it to market, has written that it would work fine as a transdermal.

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