T-Gel with 4ad and 1test

  1. T-Gel with 4ad and 1test

    I am about to order my 1test and 4ad powders and a bottle of Tgel Without DMSO. My question is, how many squirts does each bottle of T-Gel have, (sorry if this is a stupid question), I am asking because I am thinking of putting 4grams of 1test, and 8gams of 4ad into the Tgel. The reason I am putting so little 1test in is because I have a new bottle of androspay which I am going to add 3grams of1test to. I just wanted to know how long the tgel w/ 1 test and 4ad last me. If I do 15 sprayts of androspray a day (150mg of 1 test , 600mgof 4ad) it will last me 20 days, I needthe tgl to last 20 days. How much tgel will i be getting each dayfor 20days if I use 4g 1test and 8g 4ad? sorry for all he newbie questions, never ordered the unmixed versions before.

  2. First off why without DMSO? Unless you have your own... Second the t-gel is 2ml/squirt that mean there is 120 squirts in there... Glad to see you joined ther homebrewing ranks... hehehehe. talk to ya..
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  3. Curt, thanks for the help. Do you think I should use the DMSO? I have sensitive skin and I heard it does smell pretty bad but if this s false then Ill go with it. Since I have sensitve skin do you thik i should use 5%DMSO or jsut use the full10%

  4. Try the 5% if it fine then go to the 10%.. You wil get better absorption.. It adds prbably about 10-15%... So its worth it... The DMSO will not make you stink. We have found that anything up to 10% you will not see any DMSO side effects. Those being BO and bad breath. These are seen starting however on concentrations above 10%.. Hope that helps.. Talk to ya
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  5. Make sure to rotate application sites and you will be fine. Use every part of your body you can. people find that it gets to their skin if they apply in the same place but when they rotate no problems are seen. Talk to ya..
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  6. I also have very sensitive skin and was worried about the dmso giving me a rash. I decided to go all out with it anyway and added it at 10% to the 1t-pro and it hasnt bothered my skin in any way.

  7. why would you add more 1test to the gel?

  8. I wasnt buying the already mixed gel, I was buying the gel with no PH in it and was going to mix it myself.


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