Shrinking Gyno......Topically???

  1. Shrinking Gyno......Topically???

    I was just wondering if it would be possible to actually reduce the size of a Gyno "lump" or "gland" by using a topical concoction??....I'm not under the dillusion that it can be completely deminished, but I was simply looking for a way to "shrink" it as much as possible.

    I was thinking of adding some liquid Letro to RPNs Eviscerate?!?
    Letros molecular weight is 285, where as Nolvadexs melocular weight is 563.....And generally I've been told for optimal dermal penetration you would be shooting for something with a molecular weight of 300 or less.

  2. Nope, sorry its not going to work

    get your BF% way down and it wont seem as noticeable but coming from someone who has gyno and has tried everything.

    topicals, letro runs, nolva runs, DHT and the like

    once you have the actual tissue only a knife is going to get rid of it...

  3. The only topical solution that I've heard of that will get rid of gyno is DHT cream, it's very popular in europe and there's one brand that I know called andractim, I've heard that it's the best thing to get rid of gyno topically next to going under the knife.

    You might wanna give Erase buy PES a whirl, it's very effective as an AI imo.

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