transdermal or inject T better?

  1. transdermal or inject T better?

    Some renowned docs are claiming transdermal test preperations are better because they mimic the the test pattern of young males, whereas shots are just stable levels like an old man. Whaddya guys think?

  2. Interesting haven't seen it summed up like that before. I like the ease of shots my self on Reandron only need a shot every 10 weeks or so ... much easier no roller coaster so far (early days tho).

  3. for health purposes probably transdermal is better, but it contains its own whole set of problems (like contact risk) which make it less than ideal for all people

  4. After reading a whole lot of things and tons of reports from people I've come to the conclusion that TD is better for HRT because it's better at restoring sexual function (which is one of the main reasons people go on HRT in the non-bodybuilding community). That being said a large majority of doctors are clueless as to dosages and absorption issues. A properly balanced and maintained regimen of TD HRT will provide better therapeutic effects. Now if you are mainly interested in packing on muscle, injections will be to your advantage since they typically allow higher serum concentrations and pinning about every 5 days will keep your T above the range most of the time. One of the other advantages to pinning is that the results are much more predictable, some people will get nowhere on 5g of gel and some people will go sky high, with injections almost everyone is going to show significant improvement with the standard dose (100mg/wk)

  5. yeah well, I have been extremely hypogonadal for a while (test is 100 on a scale of 300-1100, an shbg is like 40!). In my case, I am guessing if I could even get on a transdermal and get my levels up around 800 and shbg down, it would be worls easier to put on muscle compared to now, no?



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