1-test and 4AD trans. help

  1. 1-test and 4AD trans. help

    Ok. I used the recipe I found here to make a base. I added 4AD to one bottle and 1-test to another @ 50mg/ml. I then shook the hell out of them the boiled dome water turned of the heat and put the bottles in to sit. Then shook the hel out of them again.

    Problem is thier is a coating on the entire inside of the 1-Test bottle, and on the bottom of the 4ad. I scraped soem of it off the test and is is a sticky amber colored gelly.

    A little help here woulkd be great. Did I heat it to hot. Not hot enough. Oh and the stuff on the bottom of the 4AD is milky looking.

    Just dont want to be serverly under dosing.


  2. Just figured I would add some speedy replies woud be great as I am currently using the 1-test and will soon be in need of the 4AD.

    Thanks agaiin

  3. Sounds like you heat it up way to much. All you need is a very hot water bath (steaming hot, not boiling).
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  4. Anything I can do to correct the situation

  5. I am thinking simply add more 1-test and 4ad, I wont be positive on the dose but then it wont be as low atleast. Add like 5 more grams of 1 test to the solution (it is 200ML with supposedly 10 Grams but who knows how much is stuck to the sides.

    I was also thinking possibly trasfer to another bottle, let dry out. Scrape as clean as possible, then morter and pestle the crap out of it?

    I dunno.

    Thanks for the reply though. I will let the water sit a bit longer next time. Opps.

  6. What recipe did you use? There are many posted so we have to be clear on which one is currently in YOUR bottles.

    One thing I would recommend is using a marble or small metal bearing ala paint can style. Put the marble in the bottle and shake it around like a spray paint can. This increases the mixing effectiveness and should get it in solution without using a hand mixer.

    Try it out and let me know...



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