Hi this is my first post on the board.

Story: just started HRT in Jan. with 5g androgel, the MINIMUM Rx, ED. Somehow, expending that little 30-day supply of 5g/ED in a little under 30 days left me with T at:
TOTAL 700's
FT% 2.4/1.50-2.20
FT 175/35-155

so the dr. isn't raising my rx above 5g. Before HRT my total T was at 150's, not from steroid use. Since I'm on HRT for life, this minimum rx is too low, and there's no real post-cycle, I figure I'd try a relatively painless cycle of Test + Tren/Fina. I'd like to recover some quality-only mass, but I'm too small now to pin myself. I don't have enough muscle mass including ass mass.

I've already bought the DMSO and fina, and I'm planning on taking the test AM, and the tren PM, instead of getting one huge dose all at once.

How many pellets do I need to see any quality gains, if my test stays around 700 from HRT? I weigh in the 150s. Could combining the DMSO + finaplix + androgel together at once get better absorption since the androGEL is also a transdermal carrier? Has anyone here done a test + fina cycle, and how much mg did you use?