Our buddy DMSO, can we add it to...

  1. Our buddy DMSO, can we add it to...

    Sorry if this has been discussed. I am in a bit of a hurry to catch a flight. I was thinking could we add DMSO to lipoderm-Y? If so would we still add 24mL like ONE?

    Thanks to all!

  2. I suspect it will get too much Yo in the bloodstream..we want it in the fat..not the blood. The thread on it hypothesised around 2% perhaps, but..it is undecided.

  3. I see your point, so you do think a lesser amount would work or leave it alone all together?

  4. Well read the yohim transdermal thread..make your own decision, I wouldnt put it in..others may disagree

  5. Wardog is right. It is up in the air. Definately 10% would be out of the question. i am thinking of 2% in mine.. Talk to ya
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