4AD homebrew looks like MILK!!!

  1. 4AD homebrew looks like MILK!!!

    I mixed 16 grams of 4ad into 320ml of carrier (homebrew of course) and the solution is milky. I was going off the 50mg/ml principle, which is why I used 320 ml.

    The 1-test is clear as day, but the 4AD is really milky.. I was wondering if there was something I had done wrong or what.. Everything seems to be in "suspension" in the 4ad, but I wanted a second opinion from the forum.

    Thanks in advance

  2. is this for a transdermal, an injectable, or what?

  3. transdermal...

  4. if it's transdermal, i can't help you

  5. Try submerging the soln in a hot water bath. The most I've put in a 240ml transdermal was 12g which is the same concentration you have. It prob just needs heated.

  6. ok.. I heated it and it looks white, and a little milky, like clouds in the bottle, but there's nothing sitting @ the bottom of the bottle. I went ahead and took my first hit this morning.

    300 mg 1-test / day
    400 mg 4ad / day

    So, this morning I just did half of that and all is well..

    I'm not experience very much burning from the DMSO @ all so i'll probably add more the next time around.

    Thanks for your help.

  7. It should go to a nice golden color if you're using the hombrew transdermal formula. It will have a little turbidity to it but it shouldn't be cloudy. BTW, Good luck with the cycle.

  8. hold up.. you're telling me the 4AD should be a golden color?

    For some reason its milky, but the 1Test, on the other hand, has a nice golden piss color which i'm assuming is perfectly grand.

    I mixed everything in to the T, following the homebrew instructions. Before adding the 4AD it was golden.. I read that someone else's 4AD was milky as well. It's like there are clouds in the bottle, but I think its ok.

    Anybody else get milky 4AD..
  9. Smile

    My 4-AD usually looks cloudy because of the amount I put in, it still absorbs in the skin when I apply it. Just shake the bottle before you apply it and it will be fine. The 1-Test is the one that is supposed to look golden.

  10. I just got some 4derm from dermabolics and added 4g of 4ad to it. The color of the 4derm is brownish golden, while the S1+ that is a 4ad/1test stack was a milky color. How long should I heat the bottles in the water to fully dissolve the 4ad?

  11. Once again, use a marble to mix it more effectively. Add the marble and shake it around ala spray paint can.

    4-AD is notoriously hard to get in solution but this trick works everytime...of course, use a hot water bath as well.



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